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Initial Fertility Assessment

Tests and Early Fertility Treatments

During your initial appointment at Cairns Fertility Centre you will have the following baseline investigations attended:


  • Physical Examination – including vaginal swabs, breast examination +/- pap smear

  • Screening Blood Test (off site)


  • ‍Physical Examination

  • ‍Screening Blood Test (off site)

  • ‍Semen Analysis – this can be attended here at the Clinic in our private collection room. Or alternative arrangements may be made to bring the sample from home (appointment to be made)

  • Ultrasound Scan – groin, scrotum and testicles (off site)

With these basic screening tests we can determine the appropriate pathway to a suitable treatment regime.

Assessment Cycle

An Assessment Cycle is where we track the woman’s natural cycle for one month with a series of blood tests and ultrasound scans here at the Clinic. The blood tests monitor hormone levels and the ultrasounds monitor follicle development.
Also during this Cycle a HyCoSy (Hystero Contrast Sonography) procedure is undertaken. The HyCoSy is an ultrasound guided investigation that checks the patency of the fallopian tubes and the shape of the uterus. This procedure requires an anaesthetic and is carried out in the Cairns Central Day Hospital which is co-located at Cairns Fertility Centre between day 7 to 12 of your cycle.
Once all results are obtained, a clinical review appointment is booked, usually on Day 21 of your cycle. This will allow a treatment cycle to be set up with the commencement of your next period if appropriate.

Tests and Early Fertility Treatment Plan

Just as all menstrual cycles commence on “Day 1”, all treatment cycles are set-up on “Day 21”. This is the ideal time to see the Fertility Specialist and make decisions regarding your assessment cycle, HyCoSy and initial investigations results.

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