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Cairns Fertility Centre manages a Donor Program that caters to heterosexual couples, single women and same-sex couples. 

This program manages the donation of gametes (eggs & sperm) and embryos. 

Donations can be “anonymous” or “known”. 

For many, donation is the only manner in which they may achieve a family.  Due to the great demand, there is unfortunately quite an extensive waiting list to access donated gametes and/or embryos.


Anonymous donors are people that have either contacted the clinic to donate gametes or embryos or may have responded to clinic advertising for donors. The identity of these donors is kept confidential. If Identifying information is requested from a recipient or a child conceived through a donation, the donor must agree to the release of the identifying information (name, DOB, address). To access anonymous donation through CFC you will be required to see a Doctor to discuss your requirements and suitability.


Known donors attend the clinic with their recipients, who are often already CFC patients. Known donors can be related in some instances (e.g. friend or family member). Known donors do not have to be related, they can be friends or even acquaintances, but their identity is “known” and contact has been made.  The advantages of know donor are that their genetic origin is known and can avoid the long waiting period for the treatment.

All donors

All donors require screening bloods to avoid the risk of passing on any infectious or genetic conditions. All donated material managed through CFC must undergo a 6 month (180 days) quarantine period. A donor profile is compiled once the screening tests and genetic consultation is completed in the case of anonymous donation. This profile offers non-identifying information and includes a family health history. Recipients of donor material are also encouraged to consult with the counsellor/ Geneticist to discuss any information included in the profile or in the case of known donation, the genetic report provided by the donor themselves.

Due to the great demand, the clinic is always seeking an opportunity to recruit donors. 

Whilst all donations must be of an altruistic nature, the clinic is permitted to reimburse “reasonable out-of-pocket expenses”. 

Potential donors should contact the Donor Co-ordinator for an information package:

Click here for FAQ.

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