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Cairns Fertility Centre is a fully integrated clinic, with a licensed day surgical hospital on site (Cairns Central Day Hospital) allowing us to conduct all services in-house. 

Most IVF fees have a Medicare rebate, which means that Medicare will pay part of the cost of the treatment cycle. The actual rebate payable by Medicare for Australian families and singles is difficult to calculate for each IVF treatment as each treatment may differ and will be dependent on whether or not you have reached the Safety Net threshold for the calendar year. Information regarding the Safety Net threshold can be obtained from the Medicare Website.

Within the IVF program there will be additional fees which include

  • ‍Doctors consultation – outside of the IVF cycle

  • ‍Pre screening blood test – AMH only

  • ‍Sperm function test

  • Hospital fees – if you have Private Health Insurance these fees will be covered. Without private health insurance an additional fee will be payable.

  • ‍Anaesthetist’s fees

  • ‍Additional Drugs – which may be needed to maximise your chance of achieving a pregnancy as prescribed by your clinician as well as in the early weeks of pregnancy.

  • ‍Additional laboratory procedures e.g. Embryo freezing, Assisted Hatching, Embryo Glue, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis.

What is covered in the IVF fee?

  • Planning and management within the IVF cycle

  • ‍Blood tests within the cycle

  • ‍Scans within the cycle

  • ‍Nursing services within the cycle

  • ‍Consultations by the doctor within your cycle

  • ‍Embryology services

  • Blastocyst culture

The cycle commences from the first day of your period (Day 1) or commencement of injections and ceases no more than 30 days later.

Non-Medicare Patients

If you are not eligible for Medicare, a fee will be provided which covers the cost of all of your blood tests, ultrasound scans, hospital fees, anaesthetist fees and drugs associated with your cycle. The fee will be approximately $12,000 and will be dependent on the drugs required in your treatment cycle.
For complete information about costs please request a CFC Costing Information Booklet by contacting reception staff at the clinic.


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