Success Rates

Success rates may be affected by a number of factors which include the type of treatment undertaken, the cause of infertility, age, lifestyle factors, genetic factors and quality of the eggs and sperm.

The results above are our Clinical Pregnancy Rates for 2015 and the definition of a clinical pregnancy is:

  • The presence of an intrauterine sac (with or without fetal heart) observed on 7 week ultrasound scan.
  • An ectopic pregnancy.
  • If a pregnancy is ongoing at 20 weeks.

Transfers are performed using a single embryo, with 88% of transfers in 2015 being single embryo transfers and 97% of current births being singleton pregnancies. However not all pregnancies result in a live birth. In 2014, 78% of pregnancies at Cairns Fertility Centre resulted in a live birth.

With now having produced over 8,000 live births in Western Australia, we aim to continue to deliver good success rates combined with high quality care.  Please contact the clinic for further information.